All About Me

Armaan Bhullar

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Armaan Bhullar and I am a 15 year old boy that goes to Louise Arbour Secondary School. Some of my hobbies are playing video games, watching shows, playing hockey and basketball. My favorite video games are Nba 2k16 and Black Ops 3 on the console Xbox One. My favorite shows are Gotham, Flash and Prison Break. I love playing all sports, but my two favorite are hockey and basketball.

Life Line


My first time at a cottage was grade 9 summer. I was 15 and it was the year 2015. We went with some of our cousins and brought our dogs. It was very fun because we lived right in front of a lake and were two minutes from a beach. We stayed for around 4 days and went to the beach everyday!
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My Favourite things

My leadership Style

My leadership style is a persuader. Many times I show this leadership skill. One example is when I am a part of a school project, I like taking the lead and telling everyone what to do because i enjoy group work very much and am very good at it. I love being the main person and taking control. I also feel like I am very persuasive. But at the same time i am not bossy because then they wouldn't listen to me.

My influences

My friends have influenced in a great way. They always motivate me to do good in school. They are fun to be around and boost me whenever I am down. They have made me a great person. I am more nice and hardworking because of them. They are all very funny and nice and since I am always around them i feel like it rubbed off on me and it has shaped my character in a positive way.

My role model

The biggest role model is my dad. He is my role model because he came from India and worked very hard to raise a family and get a lot of money for me now. Without him I wouldn't be anywhere. He is a great role model because he started from the bottom but worked hard, never gave up and now hes here. Because of him I want to work hard in school ,get good grades and i want to be very hard working just like him.

My future

I plan on opening up my own firm in the future. I am very interested in the law career pathway because I would not like to work for anyone and would much rather be my own boss. I will be successful in this because I am very persuasive and because I stand for what I believe.

Family Symbols