Kingdom Keepers

By: Riddley Pearson

By: Andon Gorbet

This book is written by Riddley Pearson. This genre is of this book is fantasy. The main character is Finn. Finn leads the group of Digital Holographic Interactives (DHI). The problem that Finn has in Maleficent who is one of the overtakers after the DHI's.

One of the big things that happens is that Finn was getting chased by a giant snake from one of the Disney park attractions. He was able to get away from the snake blurring his image when he ran away. My favorite part was when Finn was distracting the snake so the others could get away. He distracted the snake by running in various directions leading the snake away from the group.

The book ends with Finn and the DHI's finding a clue towards finding Wayne who was captured by Maleficent. I recommend this book for people who like action/fantasy books.


This book has nearly a perfect review from Amazon.

A review from Amazon states that this book was read until 2 in the morning under the covers with a flashlight.


This book has a thrill taking a in adventure kingdom.


One of the most emotional parts is when Fin takes charge and led the snake away from the group.