The Spectaculicious Quadroholder!!!

Created by Ankle Insurants

Dear Zarb Industries,

The Spectaculicious Quadroholder will take care of everyone's backpack problems! We definitely feel that you should buy our product, The Spectaculicious Quadroholder. What are the benefits? well, the S.Q. reduces the heaviness of students backpacks therefor making it easier to walk to and from school. It also takes away the bump that is often in someone's backpack due to their pencil case. We feel that this product should've been created a long time ago. Children usually get back pains from carrying a heavy bag all the time. However, when they start to get older, it's likely that their back pain could increase. So if the S.Q. was created a while ago, some adults wouldn't have such bad back pain. The target audience is students ages 10-18. This product best benefits students ages 10-18 because they are the ones in school, and they're the ones who have lot's of work and carry around a heavy backpack. I hope you like our fantastic new product, The Spectaculicious Quadroholder!


Ankle Inshurants