Whale Sharks

By Khyler Clyde

  1. Whale Sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. Most people are frightened by them but they are not so scary when you get to know them. They only eat the smallest fish in the sea called plankton but they don't use their teeth. They just open their mouth and it goes down their throat. They eat more than 500 pieces at one time. Whale Sharks nearly don't have any predators. Most Whale Sharks are in danger from humans. Humans hunt whale sharks for just their skin. People all over the world are trying to save Whale Sharks. People take Whale Sharks to places like the Georgia Aqurium to help and save them. We help them so they live a better life. After we help them with all their problems we release them back into sea. We still don't know if the Whale Shark is in danger of becoming an endangered speices but we try to help them as much as we can. Whale Sharks like to live in warm waters, so you would mostly find them near the equator where it is always hot. Whale Sharks are mammals so they are born inside their mother like we are. Whale shark babies are in danger from other big animals like orcas, Tiger Sharks, even Great White Sharks.
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