Christmas in Portugal

A Social Studies 4"A" Christmas project

Popular food during Christmas time in Portugal are:

Cabrito de Natal, Octopus, Codfish with boiled patatoes and cabbage and lastly, Roasted turkey.

Tradition #1: On Christmas Eve, after a familydinner or "consoada" is done they then eat traditional fried desserts such as rabanadas, azevias, aletrias and filhoses.

Tradition #2:

Every house has a rich table set in the living room full of traditional food.

Tradition #3:

Many people drink porto wine or traditional liquors.

Tradition #4:

After the Christmas Eve dinner people go to church for the "Missa do Galo" service.
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Tradition #5:

On Chritmas day , the living room table remains untouched.
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Merry Christmas in Portuguese

¡Feliz Natal!
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This is the Portugal flag

The people there speak Portuguese.
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The weather in Portugal during Christmas:

Wet and cold.

Country´s location

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Popular stories:

-O Duende do Diogo

-Os oculos do Pai Natal

-Hitorinhas do Natal

Popular Christmas carols or songs:

-Deixei meu sapatinho

-I left my little shoe (Portuguese version)

-Silent night (Portuguese version)

Other facts are:

-Pai Natal is Father Christmas in Portuguese.

-Shoes are left by the fireplace.

What I liked the most:

What I liked the most was that I learned about Christmas in another country.
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Christmas Carols #1 - Silent Night in Portuguese