The Desert Biome

By Nick

What is it like there?


The desert has 4 seasons spring, summer, winter & fall. The most amount of rain and snow is 10 in. the lowest amount of precipitation is 1 in. the average amount of precipitation is 6 in. They have 2 storms snow and sand storms but the snow storms aren't big but sand storms are huge. The hottest temperature is 100º the lowest is 50º the average is 75º.


The landscape of the desert is dry, sandy and rocky it has a lot of shrubs and cactuses. The desert has no layers.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

The desert is in every continent but Europe.

• U.S.A.

• Peru

• Chad

• Mali

• Niger

• libya

• Algeria

• Mauritania

• Morocco

• Kazakstan


How do plants survive?

The fish hook cactus stores water in its stem and has spikes keeping it from its getting water stolen. Oases have a lot of water plants animals and sunlight this makes it the perfect place for plants and animals. Ever wonder if plants sleep? Well many plants in the desert does it sleep during the dry this means it's dormant

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Camels survive in the desert is because its hump its fat cool it down thats what's in the humps a camels hump can be 40° f. It even turns some of its fat into water. A camel can be almost as tall as an elephant its hight is mostly in its legs thats how they get over sand dunes. Camels are Herbivores

Food Chains