Teens Rights are being violated!

What are we going to do about it?

Our Rights as teens are being broken!!

Teens Constitutional rights are being broken! Local state an government should not have the right to ban our favorite drinks. We will not be forced to drink beverages full of aspartame, or fake sugar!

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Why should we have this right?

Teens should have the right to drink their favorite beverages. Just as adults consume harmful things into there body, like Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. Which is much more unhealthy for your body than sweetened drinks. Yes, I know that too many sweetened beverages aren't always good for your health, but us teens would like to enjoy a palatable drink every once in a while. As long as we keep the amount of sweetened beverages we consume limited, teens will not become obese or diabetic.

Diet beverages full of a deadly chemical?!

The government is trying to replace sweetened beverages with diet drinks. In some places they are actually doing us no change. A deadly chemical was found in all diet beverages. This chemical is called aspartame, also known as fake sugar. Aspartame is used to sweeten drinks without adding any sugar. This chemical trick your body to think that your having sugar but you're really not. After this chemical is consumed, your body figures out that this chemical is not really sugar. Once it realizes the aspartame is not sugar, your body longs for sugar! So the more diet sodas, tea, and juice you consume the more sugar your body wants. This can lead into a bad situation which will cause you to eat bucket loads of sugar. Diet soda drinkers are suffering the same health problems as those drinking regular soda. some health problems that they face are excessive weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and strokes. Aspartame is ranked the most dangerous substance on the market. Which would you rather drink? Diet? or Regular?

Teens should be able to make their own choices

Although I am against banning sweetened beverages, I do agree that drinking sugary drinks everyday is not a great idea. Just because the drinks are there, it doesn't always mean that you can down them back and forth every single day. I see if you want to drink your favorite beverage every now and then, but don't drink sugary beverages all day every day.I do still think that us teens should take it amongst ourselves to keep our body's healthy on our own instead of being forced to do so.

Don't punish everyone for another persons mistake

While others might say sweetened beverages need to be removed from the market, I say no. Teens have the right to drink sweetened drinks! Also not every teen in the U.S is struggling with this problem. Just because of some teens in the U.S choose to make themselves overweight by drinking sugary beverages. I am sure that having diabetes, being overweight, or even being obese is coming from other things than just pop,tea,juice ans etc. The government should not have any right to ban teens favorite drinks because some teens don't know how to control their bad habits. We shouldn't be getting punished for other teens mistakes!