Ca. Gold Rush vs Trail of Tears

By: Allison S. and Kelsey L.


1. Forming New Communities
Trail of Tears- Native Americans were forced to leave their homelands, walking thousands of miles to a special "Indian Territoty." It was here where the Native Americans had to form new communities and new lives far away from their homelands.

California Gold Rush-Men of all races from all over the world often known as "the fourty niners" left their homes in search of gold. It was in California where the men formed new communities (boom towns) and made the towns florish, the economy grow, and took the law into their own hands.


Trail of Tears- During the trail of tears, Americans who were interested in Westward expantion also wanted to use this land for growing cotton.

California Gold Rush- During the California Gold Rush, men known as the fourty niners traveled to California to find gold and grow in wealth.

3. "Coming in"

Trail of Tears- The event of the Trail of Tears was primarily caused by Americans thriving towards westward expantion and wanting to grow cotton in these lands. In this situation, people were expanding or "coming in" to the west to grow cotton.

California Gold Rush- In the event of the California Gold Rush, men from all over the globe were "coming in" to California in search of gold.

4. Expantion

Trail of Tears- Americans were thriving towards westward expantion thinking that it was a God given right.

California Gold Rush- The California Gold Rush caused an expantion of communities and population in California. It also caused expantion in Utah as people passed through the towns.


1.Where it happened

Trail of Tears- Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Flordia. They were sent to Indian Territory created by the government (present day Oklahoma)

California Gold Rush-California

2. Time

Trail of Tears-1838

California Gold Rush-1849-1855

3. Coming in vs Driving Out

Trail of Tears-White settlers wanted to drive out the Native Americans because they wanted the land in the South Eastern area for growing cotton.

California Gold Rush- People from all over the globe were coming in to California in search of gold.

4. Travel-Transportation

Trail of Tears-Walked "Marched"

California Gold Rush- Came by sea, by land, and by trails (some throughout the mountain ranges)

Impact on U.S


Impact on Economy

Trail of Tears- Improved Economy: New Land for growing cotton helped positively impact and improve the economy.

California Gold Rush-Improved Economy: New settlers and population growth help the forming of boom towns and growth in business.


Bonds with the Government

Trail of Tears-Broke Native Americans Bonds with the government: The bonds were broken as Oklahoma ignored the treaties and the Indians were forced to move.

California Gold Rush-Another State was added to the United States: As the population grew in California during the California Gold Rush, California became a state.

Information Sources

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