Mad Dog Incident in Macomb

By: Claire Demmer

February Mad Dog Shooting at the Finch's Residents

Mad Dog on the the loose in Maycomb County. Scout and Jem Finch saw this very sickly dog by the Radley's home late afternoon. The children thought it was was Tim Johnson, but wasn't quite for sure. when they saw that dog dragging along, shaking and open and shutting its mouth they ran straight for the Finch's home. Luckily the cook, Calpurnia, was at the home. She called Atticus Finch and he got a hold of the the Maycomb County's sherriff. Calpurnia's first instinct was to tell everyone to stay in there house because of the mad dog on the loose. Next thing you know Atticus and the sheriff show up. The Sheriff gave the gun to Atticus because he had the best shot. He put down his glasses, squinted his eyes and squeezed the gun. BAM! Tim Johnson died in front of the Radley's place. Atticus Finch was the Maycomb Hero.'