Media Literacy

Drew Wharton

What is Media?

There are many different ways to describe media. Media is communication or entertainment used around the world. Media is anything from the use of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, or Instagram or TV shows and news reports. Media reports are used around the world to give out information to other people and to try to get the audience interested in something. An example would be the media making a commercial to try to persuade a person to buy a product or a service. Newspapers and magazines are also considered to be Media and they were really popular back in the day, but now they are starting to die off and everyone is starting to look up all news on the internet. The media brings out a rich amount of information that gives people different views on how they view their life and the world around them. Sometimes the media blows some things out of proportion just to get people more entertained and to get a big story line going. An example would be when the Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins said in an interview “If we play our game Saturday then we should be able to win against UGA”. The Media blew it way out of proportion and said that “Sammy Watkins guarantees a win Saturday by at least 3 touchdowns. The media’s job is to get people’s attention and to entertain them. Media literacy on the other hand is how a person understands the meaning of how mass media works and how it is organized. Media literacy is also described best a person who knows the importance of how to read or write as well as accessing and analyzing information online. Media Literacy can have a huge impact on a person’s life.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser in the 2014 Super Bowl commercial “Puppy Love” revealed their business strategy by showing that it is imperative to form bonds between distinctive varieties of men and women. Budweiser illustrates its theory by having a miniscule puppy departing an adoption shelter each day to show its affection to a grown horse on a farm. The company's purpose of this commercial is to show how various amounts of people or possessions can be brought together to construct a bond that cannot be shattered. The company writes in a heartwarming tone for people who like to display their affection to one another.

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The NFL Combine

Indianapolis- The NFL Combine kicked off this past week with the top notch talent from all the players that played in college last year to help their draft stock. The combine evaluates the players' 40 yard dash times, their bench press, and their vertical jump. The scouts this year are looking at different aspects like rating the hottest cheerleader, seeing how fast the players can run to the bathroom to take a dump, and who has the best Nae Nae.

Jadaveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater were unbelievably thrilled with the atmosphere today.

"My dance moves were on point today and I impressed the scouts with an outstanding 52 second dump" said Clowney who participated early this morning.

He said he really thinks he can grab the top spot in the draft because of his great ability to showcase his skills.

In the afternoon session, all of the offensive and defensive line participants had a showcase on who could eat the most cheeseburgers in 20 minutes. The scouts really like this drill because they say it really helps the players' blocking skills and it helps with their hand-eye coordination. Louis Nix won the drill fairly easily by eating 30 burgers.

"It always feels relieving when you come out here on the biggest stage and you perform really well" Nix said.

AJ Mccarron thought it was unnecessary to rate girls because he said no one is better than Katherine Webb, while Johnny Manziel had a terrible performance by doing the "Dougie" instead of the "Nae Nae". Michael Sam had an alternative drill considering he would feel uncomfortable to rate girls. Scouts said they spotted him hanging out with Clay Aiken in Indianapolis.

This combine proved why these players are the best of the best and why each and everyone of them could be the number 1 overall pick.

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JFK Assassination

On November 22, 1963 a little rain was falling down in Dallas, Texas but there were thousands of people sitting watching and waiting for John F. Kennedy riding around in a car for the start of his presidential campaign. Kennedy and his wife got in an open car with a security guard and a couple of other people getting ready to drive around the streets of Dallas showing his appreciation to his supporters. Leading up to this day there had rumors circulating that other countries were trying to attack the united States and John F. Kennedy was the main target. At 12;30 p.m. the car was passing the Texas School Book Depository when a large explosion occurred in the direction towards the president. People quickly found out that a bazooka fired from a plane up in the sky and destroyed all the parts where the presidential campaign was going on. President Kennedy was in critical condition and was quickly rushed to the hospital to try to save his life. The security guard and his wife were also in critical condition. The nearest hospital was a couple blocks away so a limo scooped them up and sped to the hospital. Little could be done for President Kennedy as he was pronounced dead 2 hours later at Parkland Memorial hospital along with his wife and security guard. There was a lot of suspicion on who did the attack and what evidence could be gathered. It was obvious that there was a plane up in the sky shooting a bazooka but investigators also found ammunition and other guns in a building close to Texas School Depository. There were a lot of questions as to how the president actually died. A bazooka hit in the direction of the president but there was also gun fire from the window heading for the president as well. With the use of DNA on the guns, police found the victim who was shooting at Kennedy. The victim was named Vladimir Guru, who was a janitor at the Texas School Depository. He said that he had been planning an assassination on Kennedy for months and that he thought he was a terrible president. Guru was charged of attempted murder on the president and was brought to prison. It was later determined that the plane in the sky was the Japanese attacking the president. The Japanese were not pleased with the decisions the president was making so they decided they were going to fly a plane into Texas and place an attack on him. When it was announced that Kennedy was dead, Lyndon B. Johnson was named the next President for the United States. He decided that the United States was going to war with Japan after the attack on the president. John F. Kennedy’s funeral was two days later after his death and there was a huge memorial representing all that he did for the United States of America. The United States later bombed Japan again for the second time in the last 40 years. The purpose for rewriting this story is to show one of the biggest history events of the United States and how it could be totally different by switching it up the way Winston does in the book 1984.

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You Belong with me

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift is a perfect song describing Winston and Julia's relationship. Taylor Swift describes why she and a guy she is obsessed with are perfect for each other and should being with each other for the rest of their lives. This song is perfect because Julia and Winston loved each other dearly throughout the book and were really compassionate together. Julia wrote a note to Winston early in the book saying that she loves him and Winston started to love her back. Through all the good times they had together it makes perfect sense that this song by Taylor Swift fits their relationship perfectly. Winston and Julia had some great fornicating scenes throughout the book and tried anything to find a spot to be alone with each other. They definitely belong together.
Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me Lyrics (:

Impact of Media Literacy

The media literacy class this year really taught me a lot in terms of what is going on in the media world and social media websites. I learned that anything a person puts on the internet stays there forever like a tattoo so you better be smart on what you post. I also learned a lot about the social media side of things on what a person should and should not post. People should not post vulgar language and anything that could be detrimental to their future. Posting alcohol or drug pictures could cost a person a job and could get them in trouble. I also came to understand that the media always blows stories out of proportion to get the viewers’ interest. This class was different than any other language arts class I’ve had before. In my other language arts classes, all we did was read poetry and Shakespeare stories. Those things we read really had no impact in the real world and for our future. This class really showed us how much social media and the internet has an impact for the real world today. I learned a lot of things that will help me when I graduate college like what I should and should not post on social media sites and what information of myself I should have online. This class made me realize how much the internet impacts our lives and pretty much everything we use is on the internet. A few things that could be done differently for this class is to learn more about “Freakonomics” early on in the year right after we learn about social media. “Freakonomics” is probably the best thing I’ve learned in this class because it describes a lot of key facts in the world that can help people understand the riddles of everyday life. Other than that I enjoyed having this class and I learned a lot more in this class than any other language arts class I’ve ever had before.