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18/September/2020 ............. 18th Edition

Dear Families,

First, thank you for your support and patience with us in the first three weeks of school. We survived it!!

Second, we are thankful for your participation in last week's virtual Back to School Night. If you were unable to attend the Open House for some reason, a recording of the secondary school joint Zoom event is available for you to watch and learn who your child's teacher is and what their goal is for this year.

It has been truly wonderful to have everyone back online; to see students smiling, learning and interacting with their peers.

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Back to school night 2020-21

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Highlight of the Month: Pre-k

A Sneak Peak into Ms. Gunjan's and ms. Feret's Class

We will be sneaking into each classroom periodically to find out how learning is going on. This time, it is our youngest and cutest students. Ms. Gunjan and Ms. Feret are having incredible fun working with Pre-K students and their families. Don't miss the videos!!
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Currently at AISB!!!! New Health & Safety Equipment

AISB is happy to announce that the shipment to get the school equipped for COVID-19 prevention is now available. Our technical team is setting everything up for use soon.
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Eventual Campus Reopening

AISB hopes to reopen onsite on October 12, 2020. However, this date is pending Board approval. We encourage parents to stop by at school from 8:00- 3:00pm any day of the week and buy school uniforms and other school supplies from our school store.

Our shipment from the United States is expected to be in Brazzaville by the end of next week. We will therefore have a number of lined notebooks, art supplies, pens, folders and many other supplies that are required from students. Please take advantage of this opportunity and get children ready.

AISB Baseline /Placement Assessments

New & Returning Students

New students joining AISB take diagnostic tests and the results provide a baseline for us to place them in the right grade levels, identify their strengths and areas necessitating support.

Recently, some families were informed that their students will be placed in an Early Intervention Program (EIP). The administration, Counselor and teachers are working towards providing sufficient individualized support to the concerned students. More information will be communicated to you next week.

In order to ensure that every student at AISB receives adequate support and an opportunity to succeed, we will be assessing some of our returning students and families will informed accordingly.

For more information, questions or concerns, contact or the director directly.

For finance related issues, contact the Business Manager at


Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


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