Physical Therapy and Sports Med.

Come and join our PT class every Thursday at 6 p.m.!

Why you should join the physical therapy and sports medicine class!

This class is perfect for those interested in physical therapy itself for a profession or for those who are in need of physical therapy for themselves or that are curious about proven techniques that help in therapy.

Who would this class be most specifically beneficial for and what does it consist of?

This class would be beneficial for those who struggling with injuries to joints or specific pains like in the back. Also, those who deal with muscle contractions. This class consists specifically of classes that deal with: back pain, injury prevention, sports nutrition, rehab and pain management. It also covers specific areas in these topics like on how to carefully plan for injury prevention and certain steps to take.

Our promise to you is that it will be beneficial to all attendees to our PT class!

Some more areas that this class covers are wise decisions to make in your area of need.

-For example if you struggle with back pain you might want to consider doing acupressure treatment.

-Maybe if you struggle with keeping proper posture you want to focus on a class that teaches ways to maintain proper posture on a consistent basis.

Come see us for this great opportunity to learn more and possibly become part of our class!