Edward Snowden

"The guy who revealed who has been spying on us"

who is he? what did he do?

A 29 year old former undercover CIA employee who leaked top secret National Security Agency (the biggest spy surveillance organization in the world) program that monitors everyone’s move on the internet.

what are people saying?

they're calling him a traitor for revealing top secret information.

not in my opinion because he revealed information that is disturbing and that violates society's rights.

if he was a traitor then he would've put the country in danger but he didn't.

Is he a bad guy?

if he was he wouldn't have risked and left his whole life just to inform the american society about what was going on. people wouldn't be raising money for his legal defense and they wouldn't be signing online petitions for his pardon.

then who is?

The very own government.

they forced Verizon to hand over all of their clients information.

they violated the 1st and the 4th amendment, they're being sued by the the american civil liberties union.