Missouri Plateau

By Brenden, Autumn, Ashtyn, Hannah, Nataya and Torrey

You have to see----

Medora North Dakota is an amazing tourist attraction. Medora got its name by a 24 year old nobleman named Marquis de Mores that named the town after his wife, Medora von Hoffman. There is a Teddy Roosevelt National Park in Medora. The teddy bear was named after him. At Theodore Roosevelt National Park you can see his house and cabin. The Medora Musical is about the history of Medora and Teddy Rooselvelt.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park & the Medora Musical.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt national park's South unit is the most visited of the three

units and its located near Medora. You might see bison, prairie dogs, and wild horses.

In Theodore Roosevelt National Park you can do horseback riding. Medora offers trail rides along the Little Missouri and through the Badlands.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora Musical

The Medora Musical is about the history of ND and Medora. It is also about Theodore Roosevelt.
Medora Musical 2013

Traveling Items

When you go traveling to these places in North Dakota, be sure to bring these items along with you.

  • Bully Pulpit: Golf clubs, golf ball, and a tee.
  • Horse Back Riding: Boots, pants, hat, and a saddle.
  • Medora Musical: Camera and tickets/money.
  • Maah Daah Hey Trail: Bike, hiking boots, water bottle, bike helmet, bike pads, and sunglasses.
  • Medora Camping Grounds: Tent, food/water, cooking supplies, stuff to light a fire, toys for kids, s'more ingredients, and sleeping stuff.