A roporter's job is to find the missing pieces

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this book is about a boy that is trying to become a professional reporter and in the poses of becoming a professional reporter he try's to get pay back on his old friend on the football teem.the other half of the story is to find out what the two new players on the football teem are up to. Daniel True and hi friend kimi and slash photographer for the school news paper the story ends with Daniel True and kimi finding out why coach MC. Nulty was benching one of his best players

who i would recommend the book for

I would recommend the book to any one who would want to be a reporter or likes to read about reporters.

something you licked and dislike

one thing that I like is that the book had some football not as much as I thought it would have more sports in the book. one thing I dint like was that it was about a news paper righter
Payback Time Book Trailer
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