Aztec Beliefs

Oh My Gods

By Emily Higgins

Aztec Beliefs

The first thing that really comes to mind is probably the Aztec's human sacrifices to their gods. Not the most pleasant thought, really. For those who don't exactly understand what i'm talking about, the Aztecs would sacrifice enemy men and rip their hearts out, then roll them down the temple stairs where they would then probably dismember or carry away the bodies of thousands of men.


The Aztecs were possibly the first people to know the enjoyment of chocolate. Coca beans that grew were mashed into a bittersweet drink that was reserved for the royal family and nobles. They even thought that drinking chocolate gave them the knowledge of one of their gods.

The Importance of Religion.

Religion was very important to the Aztecs, in fact, they adopted gods from many other religions. Putting it lightly, they had a lot of gods. The Sun god, trade gods, lots, and lots of gods. With so many gods, it's no wonder why they do their sacrifices in such a large scale.
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Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl is important to Aztec beliefs. His name means 'Feathered Serpent'. He was respected as the patron of priests, protector of goldsmiths and other craftsmen. He was also identified with the planet Venus. Defined as the god of learning, writing, and books. Aztecs believe that drinking chocolate gave them some of his wisdom.


Metzli is the goddess of the moon, the night, farmers... It's said that she sacrificed herself to end the darkness so there would be light during the day time. Her planet she is represented with, is obviously the moon.


One of the main parts of the Aztec gods. He controls a man's destiny, and is rarely associated with good luck. His names means 'The Smoking Mirror' Patron of the warrior. He's also the eternal opposite of Quetzalcoatl. His animal is the Jaguar.

Principal Beliefs

The Aztecs worshiped over 1000 gods overall. It was believed that the gods controlled all life. From the birth of an infant to the death of an elder. It was their main goal appease the gods and keep them happy so they would get good harvests and good weather. Interestingly enough, they believed that it was the way a person died rather than the way they lived that determined whether they went to heaven or hell.


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