Climate Changes in Africa

By: Ryan Strober


A major problem in African is the weather. In Africa there is not a lot of rain at all, and all the crops and food become stressed because they don't have enough water. This is a problem because people in Africa won't be able to eat if there crops die. The people of Africa rely on natural resourses such as agriculture and water supply. Temperature's range in Africa. During the summer the average temperature can get close to 98 degrees, not including the humidity. Supply of fresh water is hard as well in villages, in some places water recourses aren't near by which makes it difficult to get water.


Around the globe people have be trying to help Africa be able to get fresh water. There a dozens of organizations working on getting fresh water to Africa to give people water for everyday life. A few organizations are Clarity:Water,, and PureMaid, each of these organizations is working hard to help people in Africa get water. These organizations are one of the ways that people have taken action to help Africa. To help reduce the amount of pollution in the air people in Africa are change over to hybrid or plug in cars to help reduce the amount of gases and fuels in the air. This is another way that we have started to take action.


There are many things that you can do to help Africa. All of the organizations are non-profit and run using volunteers and donations. Another way we can help is sending care packages to organizations such as Aid for Africa. Aid for Africa is creating packages daily of simple house hold items and clothes.
Climate of Africa
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Map of Africa

In the photo above you can see that in the Red colored area's it is the hottest which is mostly in the middle of the country, The closer you get to the water the cooler and less humid it gets.


Questions 1-4 True or False?

1. Africa can get very hot and humid

2. Water is very easy to access

3. Are Africans able to grow crops easily

4. People in African have a hard and difficult time accessing water



5. Do you think people should be more environmentally aware?

6. On average what is the MPG of a Car?

7. How does Africa's climate affect the rest of the world?

8. How have people in the USA been making an impact?

9. Name two out of the three water organizations.

10. What does water-stressed mean?