Progress Monitoring Digitally


  1. I can access the AIMSWeb Data System
  2. I can set up a student to be progress monitored
  3. I can progress monitor using the electronic system via computer or Ipad.
  4. I can access and analyze the data presented.

Progress Monitoring Measures

Tier 2 students will be prog mon biweekly (by classroom teacher).

Tier 3 students weekly (by Resource team in AM).

Reading students may be assessed with LN, LS, NW or RCBM electronically.

Math students may be assessed with M-Comp or M-Cap but the data would need to be entered manually.

How To Login

Customer ID: 18138

Grade Level Caseloads: CLICK HERE

How to Set Up a Child to be Progress Monitored


Have baseline data and spring target score ready.

(Baseline data can be collected using Probes 1-3 and taking the median score as baseline.)

(Other baseline options may include Probe #4 or wpm from BOY F&P).


1. Click on the blue Progress Monitoring Tab at top

2. Click on the blue Manage Students Button

3. Enter the student's last name only and click search

4. Locate student on right and check white box left of student's name

5. Click blue Add PM button below

6. Click OK for setting up Schedule Wizard

7. Select measure:

Kinder: LNF (letter name fluency) and LSF (letter sound fluency)

Kinder/1st: (NW (nonsense word fluency)

1-4 : RCBM (English)

and click Next

8. Enter 10/10/18 to 5/31/18 for Goal Dates as default if actual dates are unknown

9. Select Weekly (T3) or Biweekly (T2) frequency and day student will be assessed and click Save

10. Students will now appear on main Progress Monitoring Tab, locate YOUR student and click Enter under Goal column.

11. Enter Initial Corrects (Baseline) and Goal Corrects (Spring Target)

12. Locate Program Label Name box and type Tier and Intervention ("Tier 2 - LLI")

13. Click Save

14. Under the main Progress Monitor Tab the entire grade level caseload will be present. To PM YOUR students, locate student and click "Assess Today."

PROGRESS REPORT GRAPHS can be viewed, emailed, PDF saved by clicking on link under "Progress Report" on main Progress Monitoring page. This will be the same graph pulled up by the RTI Committee during meetings or by our school psych to prepare for parent communication.

Ready to Progress Monitor (reading)


Have large student booklet for student copy.


1. Login and locate student.

2. Click blue link "Assess Today."

3. Click appropriate probe number and match student copy.

4. Click Instructions and read them aloud.

5. Click start timer and record while marking miscues.

6. Mark last word read and record notes for yourself.

Why Aimsweb?

  • Available: It is the current tool HSE has.
  • Brief: can be administered frequently without disrupting instruction; most assessments take 1-4 minutes to complete
  • Predictive: provide accurate predictions of reading achievement
  • Sensitive to improvement: an increase in ability will be reflected in rising scores on the measure—ideal for showing growth
  • Easy to administer and score:
    • testing is done individually
    • data is captured automatically with browser-based scoring and immediately available for analysis and reporting
  • Standardized and reliable: produce consistent results across time or testing conditions


See Fatima, Megan or a team member.