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VRA Media Center News - October 2021

Fall Into A Good Book

We are so excited to share our fabulous collection of books and resources with all of our Hawks at Valley Ridge Academy. Please use this newsletter each month to discover all the exciting literacy programs the media center has to offer throughout the year. Please stop by the media center and get a media brochure. You can also check-out our Valley Ridge Media Center website and our three Courses in Schoology for more information.

Fall Book Fair

Middle School Fair - October 6-8 in the Media Center

Elementary Fair - October 11-15 in the Media Center

Middle School students will shop with their ELA teachers. Elementary school students will shop with their class and they can shop during their media resource time. Don't forget to send in enough money to cover 6.5% tax and make checks payable to VRA PTO.

MackinVia - Our E-book and Audio Book Collection

VRA students and families have access to e-books to read via MackinVIA. Some books are interactive, some can be used as a read aloud, while others are simply a standard book to be read online. In addition there are audio books. Click the images below to go to the SSYRA e-books.

  • In order to log into MackinVia, go to Type in the first box Valley Ridge and select our school. Do not type any other information on that page.
  • Click Login. On the next screen select the blue bar that says "St. Johns Co SD SSO Login." Pick an account or select use another account.

  • Enter the student s number with the s and follow it with On the next screen type in the student number with s again and then the student’s district password.

Sunshine State Young Readers Award

Each year students are challenged to read books from the Sunshine State Young Reader list. There are 15 books on each of the SSYRA lists. Once students have read at least 3 books and passed a quiz on Schoology with at least 70% accuracy, they are eligible to vote for their favorite book. There will be incentives for reading each of the books. Students who read 10 or more will be invited to try out for the Battle of the Books team in grades 3rd-8th. For more information visit the VRA Media Center Website or use the link below to see the SSYRA Digital Information sheet.

Changes and Reminders

  1. K-5 Students will be visiting the media center for lessons and check-out as a part of the Resource wheel. This means that students should return their books on their media resource day. By returning their books on that day, students will be able to get new books. In most cases, students will keep their books for 9 to 10 days.
  2. Student badges are essential for a quick check-out given that our media time is on the resource wheel. Please help your student keep track of their badge and have it when they come to the media center.
  3. Students will have Open Check-out before school starting at 8am in the morning.
  4. Books are to be returned to the blue media crates located around the school. Each class will collect books the morning of their media resource day in a blue crate and return the books to the media center before 8:45.
  5. Students will continue to use a plastic library bag to protect their books. Please keep up with the bag you are given or replace the bags with a Ziplock. Students should bring their bags with them when they come to media resource.

Schoology Media Courses

All students are in one of the 3 VRA Media Center Courses divided by grade level. You will find updates and information about the Media Center and our programs. Each Schoology Course has a calendar of class visits so that students will know when to return their library books. The WVRA morning news is posted in these courses too. Please refer to the courses for updates, resources, and materials related to our media programs. If your student is not in one of these courses, please email Ms. Ayrish Booysen and she will be sure to add them to the course.

What are we learning in Media this month?

  1. Book Fair Trailers
  2. Using Destiny and MackinVIA
  3. Introduction to the SSYRA Program

Virtual Library Choice Boards

Use the links within the slides below to read books, see movies, and complete activities. These Virtual Libraries are posted in the VRA Media Center Schoology Courses too. This month's libraries include Fire Prevention, Halloween, and October.

News By the Library Numbers - Our September Statistics

Number of Books Checked Out - 4690

Number of E-books Viewed - 391

Number of Class Visits - 107
Number of New Books and Magazines Added - 187
Most Check-outs by an Elementary Student - Ellie R - 73

Most Check-outs by a Middle School Student - Charlotte G. - 12

Most Class Check-outs - Ms. Gavarilis - 327

Most Check-outs by Grade Level - 5th Grade - 1,110

Middle School Check-outs - 508 Books

Most Check-outs by a Teacher - Ms. Marsh - 26

Birthday Book Club with a Few Changes

The Valley Ridge Academy Media Center’s Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to commemorate your child’s birthday. Your participation not only enriches the library collection, it also allows you and your child to be personally involved in its growth. To take part in the Birthday Book Club, donate one new undamaged hardcover book (not a board book). This book should be a book that your child enjoys and one that we don’t have in the media center already. You can choose a new book at the book store or a new book from the Book Fair. A quick check of our library catalog (Destiny) will tell you if we already have the book.

If you would prefer, you may make a monetary donation of $15 and we will choose a book from recently acquired books that are waiting to be put on the shelves.

The following is included with your enrollment;

- A special book plate placed inside the front cover of the donated book with your child’s name and birthday.

- A photo will be taken of your child with the book they donate and displayed in the media center and/or online in the Valley Ridge Reader. The photo will also be posted on the WVRA Morning News as close to your child's birthday as possible.

-A Birthday Book Club Bookmark will be given to the child.

- Your child will be the first to read and/or check-out the book that he/she


For more information, contact the media center or fill out the form attached below.

Valley Ridge Academy Media Center

The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning and a love of reading is at the heart of our program.