By Luke Bergrud

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you take images, sounds, words or ideas from others and try to pass them of as your own. you can avoid it by citing your and paraphrasing witch is rephrasing the authors words with.

the difference of paraphrasing, quotations and summarizing

Quotes are the exact words of the author. Paraphrasing is rephrasing the author's words with your own. Summarizing is taking the whole piece and capturing the main idea. An example of a quotation is, '' That everything is practice.'' An example of paraphrasing is if the author says "soccer is watched everywhere in the world,'' you can say the ''beautiful game is recognized in all countries. An example of summarizing is, "an avocado is labeled a berry since it has a seed in the middle of it; it is also called an alligator pear."

What is a MLA citation

MLA the abbreviation for the Modern Language Association it is the preferred citation for researching purposes. In text citation means that the authors last name and page number is in the text. while works cited should be at the end of your paper.

using keywords effectively in finding information

Before searching create a list of keywords to describe your topic then use a thesaurus to cover more words. then create synonyms for the concept. when using keywords use more than one keywords but no more then five. If you are unsure where to look, start with using two to three unique terms in a query. A query is simply the terms you enter into the search engine.

How to get to the Lakeview research tab

first go to the lakeview homepage

then hit the about our school tab and hit media center then hit research and finally hit general primary resources

some helpful links is for when you have to cite and the website does not have it is for reading and researching current events around the world is for downloading great images for free is another a site that you can use for research the card number to get in is 20005001149413

deciding whether or not a website is credible and accurate

When you are trying to decide if a site is credible or not check when you are typing and see if the site ends in .gov or .edu for example most credible websites do not have any ads on there site because it is not necessary and it is not professional check the author to see if they are experienced in the subject for example if they have wrote a book about the subject or if they degree in the subject.

How to use search terms keywords effectively in finding information

before searching create a list a keywords that describe a topic, then use a thesaurus to find more words then create synonyms for the concept. You should use more than one keyword but no more than five if you are unsure what about where to look than start with two or three unique terms in a query. A query are the terms you put into the search engine.