Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky

(1840-1893) By: Michael Oyekola

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Tchaikovsky's Early Life

Tchaikovsky was born in 1840, in Votkinsk, Russia. Tchaikovsky naturally was very shy and timid. His mother, Alexandra, was very self-centered. She was always worried about her status of reputation in society, that she had no interest for others. Even being such a distant woman, Tchaikovsky still loved her very much. At the age of 10, Tchaikovsky was sent to boarding school. Him being very shy and timid and having such a profound love for his mother, did not let go of the carriage door when he was to leave. He had to be pried of being dragged along the muddy roads, until he was eventually shaken off. This was the moment he was the moment his brother said he never recovered from.



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Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, Russia. Very on, he adapted the idea of being completely committed to Russia. His nanny, you could say, Fanny, walked in on him one day spitting on all others countries except for Russia.
Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nº 4 OP 36 - Herbert Von Karajan WPO


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