Science 8 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

Welcome to Room 237!

I hope this email finds you well and your student having enjoyed the three day weekend! Below you will find that I have listed anticipated graded assignments for the week and important deadlines.

Snow Season Reminder: The month of January is often interrupted by snow days and delays, as such, it is important that your student check their email frequently for assignment updates and bring their science notebook home each night in order to complete assigned work.

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Model drill cores students used for their correlating layers lab.

Grades for this week?

Note: The majority of the week will be spent studying radiometric dating techniques through class notes and practice questions. As a result, grade opportunities for the week will be limited. Students should focus on consistently participating in class discussion and group activities.

Science 8 students will be earning a grade on the following assignment for the week:

  1. Ice Core Lab: On Friday (1/22), students will continue their exploration of how fossils and other Earth materials record information about Earth's climate history by modeling the study of ice cores. Analysis questions will be completed for notebook points. Be on the lookout for a Class Dojo Story Video and photos in next week's newsletter!

Quarter 2 Grades: Unless your student was absent last week, grades currently appearing in PowerSchool will be those reported on the Quarter 2 report card. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Unit Test: The unit test is planned for Wednesday (1/27), with students receiving their review guide on Friday (1/22). This will be the first test grade of Quarter 3.

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