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Weekly Updates From CHS9 - 9/5/22

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Welcome to the weekly CHS9 Parent Newsletter

Each week during the school year, we will send a weekly newsletter to parents with important information on upcoming events, any student/parent requirements, and a general overview of the amazing things happening at CHS9!

Week in Review

CHS9 Family,

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day weekend, and I hope you all got some well-deserved rest! We are excited to get back at it this week as we are settling into the school year. I would like to reiterate that we have really enjoyed getting to know this group of students!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our building tomorrow night for our Fall Curriculum Night (more details below). We know this date/time don't work for everyone, and we are sorry to those who have conflicts, but we worked to find the best possible option we could. Please come and join us tomorrow night if you can!

One quick note: Because this week is a short week, we will not have a C day this week. Tuesday and Thursday will be A days, and Wednesday and Friday will be B days.

Let's have an outstanding week together at CHS9!

Dr. Koontz

Fall Curriculum Night

Come join us for Curriculum Night at CHS9 on Tuesday, September 6th, from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. During this event parents may travel the building, following their child's schedule to meet teachers. We will not be ringing bells to indicate the change of a class period, and parents are free to move from class to class as they please. Because we are allowing for this freedom of movement, it may be beneficial to visit classes in the same area of the building consecutively, even if they are not in the same order on the schedule. Our teachers are aware that parents may be coming and going at different times, and they have prepared their classrooms appropriately to accommodate. Parents will have until 7:30 pm to visit classrooms and meet teachers, and we highly encourage you to visit all 8 of your child's classes on the evening. Please keep an eye on the time, as we will conclude our evening promptly at 7:30 pm. Prior to coming to Curriculum Night, please print (or have electronic access to) your child's schedule from HAC.

Please remember that Curriculum Night is not the time to hold individual parent/teacher conferences, and conversations should be brief and general, and should respect the large number of other parents who desire to meet the teachers. If you would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference to discuss anything in more depth, please reach out individually to the teacher to schedule a meeting at a different date.

We are very excited to welcome you to CHS9 and we are grateful that you will get to spend some time in our building. To accommodate the large number of expected visitors, we will have parking available at the front entrance and in the North parking lot, and both of those entrances to the building will be unlocked. For your convenience, please refer to the attached map for an overview of the different areas of our campus. We will see you Tuesday, September 6th!

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Coppell ISD students and staff are invited to wear maroon tomorrow to show support for the Uvalde ISD community, as they return to school on Tuesday, Sept. 6. CISD is joining school districts across the state in wearing maroon on Tuesday, Sept. 6, in a message of solidarity for the Uvalde community. CISD staff can also wear jeans on Tuesday. Please join us as we stand together to show support for the students, staff, families and the entire Uvalde community. #UvaldeStrong

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Homecoming 2022

It may seem early, but Homecoming 2022 is just around the corner! Please see the information above regarding Homecoming Dance Ticket Sales, and check out the information below for our Homecoming Week dress up themes!
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School IDs

We will be passing out school IDs to students during all lunch periods on Tuesday, September 6 and Wednesday, September 7. All students need to come to the table and get their ID on one of these two days. Students who have not yet had an ID photo taken will have an ID created in the front office. We will set a schedule for this to take place, as we have many new enrollees and students who have yet to take an ID photo. We will let you know when this will take place.

Student IDs are to be visibly worn at all times while on campus. The only exception would be for an ID to be taken off during PE/Athletics or at a teacher's direction. This expectation will be enforced for all students.

Cowboy Pass - Last Call

This is the final call for our 2022-2023 Cowboy Pass! We need to place the order for student shirts for those who have participated, so please take this opportunity to help our campus and receive great value in return. Cowboy Pass details are below:

The Cowboy Pass is the best value fundraiser at CHS9 as it provides the greatest benefits at a discounted price! The Cowboy Pass can be purchased for $50 and includes the following:

  • Discounted Student Activity Fee ($20)
  • Cowboy Pass EXCLUSIVE Spirit T-Shirt ($10)
  • Discounted Marquee Birthday Wish ($20)

Purchase Your Cowboy Pass Today!

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Counselor Updates

Your CHS9 counseling department is excited to present our monthly newsletter: Friday Feels. Friday Feels includes important counseling related announcements, activities, and district initiatives. Please view the newsletter here:

Leveling: Each year CHS9 counselors work to level classes to ensure the optimal learning environment. Though this typically occurs before the beginning of the school year, with the addition of educators in high needs class periods, some schedules will change. Due to high volumes of changes, please have your student continue to check HAC to see if schedules have changed as counselors will not be able to notify each student via email or in person.

Schedule Changes: Unfortunately, counselors are not able to honor requests for schedule changes as courses are full.

Athletic Changes: Once coaches communicate with counselors about sports cuts, please allow up to a week for counselors to make changes.
  • Due to high volumes of cuts, counselors are unable to meet with all students or send paper schedules. Students should check HAC for these changes.

  • Students interested in joining other sports must reach out to that coach. Please see the Athletics & Activities Guide for coach information.

Level Downs: The first level down window will open 8:30AM on Tuesday, September 6th and closes Friday, September 9th at 1:45PM. Forms are available in the front office and should be returned to your alpha counselor. Late forms will not be considered
  • Requests to level down will be considered only if space is available in the new class
  • Schedule change priorities will be given to learners who have earned less than a 70 and attended a minimum of two tutorials with their current educators.

CBE: Students interested in taking a Credit by Exam (CBE) for a Language Other Than English (LOTE) on the November 3rd test date should come by the counseling office between September 12th and noon on September 22nd to obtain the registration form. Forms cannot be sent digitally.

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All CISD students in grades 9 -12 and their parents are encouraged to attend CISD’s College Night on Thursday, Sept.15 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Coppell High School Commons. Attendees will have the opportunity to gather information and make contact with more than 150 representatives from all over the country, including from Ivy League colleges and universities, major Texas universities, trade schools and military branches.

Counselor Requests & Appointments

If you or your child would like to visit with a counselor for academic, college/career, or social/emotional needs during the year please visit the CHS9 Website to make an appointment. We are pleased to be able to offer you online booking this year! We are offering phone and zoom appointments for our virtual learners and ALL parents. For our face to face learners, we will be able to offer zoom or in person appointments for our learners upon return to CHS9. We look forward to working with our learners and parents this year.

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Hello everyone!

As a well as providing print books, the CHS9 library gives access to a variety of eBooks, audiobooks, and databases. All these wonderful resources can be accessed 24/7 using the MackinVIA app on your student's device. Check out the digital resources we have to offer!

Just as a reminder, students who want to visit the library during lunch must have a pass to do so. Library lunch passes can be picked up from the library in the morning before class, in between classes, or before lunches begin. Beginning this week, students who do not have a pass will not be allowed into the library during their lunch period.

Thank you,

Brenna Conway

CHS9 Librarian

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A Message From Nurse Runyan

Special Health Concerns

If you have children with special health concerns like Allergies, Asthma or Diabetes, please complete the corresponding health forms. If your child needs to keep medication in the clinic, please complete one Student Medication Request Form per medication. Inhalers, epi pens, and diabetic medication/supplies are the only meds that some learners are permitted to carry on their person and self-administer. In this case, an Authorization for Self-administration of Asthma or Anaphylaxis Medication form must be on file. All medical forms are available on the CISD Website under the Health Services Department.


COVID-19 is a reportable disease as defined by the Dallas County Health Department and CDC. If your child tests positive for COVID, please complete this CHS9 COVID-19 Positive Report Form.

Need Help?

CISD partners with various agencies within the community to help students in need. If your family is in a special situation and could use a little help, please reach out to your school nurse and/or counselor. This could include a need for clothes, school supplies, food or other temporary assistance.

All my best,

Cristy Runyan, BSN, RN

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