Vanity Store


Vanity is a store that I found up in Nashville at the mall. It’s a clothing store and they also have jewelry. It’s the perfect store for girls; they also have summer hats and different kinds of purses. Any girls that like shopping and are looking for new clothes, you MUST go to Vanity. They have all kinds of different styles of clothes for anything you’re looking for. They still have long sleeves and sweaters but they also have a bunch of summer stuff up and ready to go. There is not a Vanity store in Georgia but they do have an online store at They have even more clothes on their website and you can order it and have it shipped to you. They have a bunch of necklaces and earrings for a great price and their clothes are really cheap. If you shop at Vanity you won’t regret it, I highly recommend that you go to their website right away.