Old major

Animal farm

His purpose

He was the start of the rebellion in Russia and he symbolized Carl Marxs also know as Vladimir Lenin. In the book, old major thought the animals the song "The beasts of England". Which lead to the seven commandments. In the book he then later died of old age.

by giulia

In real life

Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist revolutionary but soon died off of old age as in the story. He was the recent reble in time.

The allegory

The symbolic qualitys of the story helps the reader understand the story better because the characters in the story helped us understand the allegory based off the story. Old Major was a big influence in Animal Farm. He was influential to the animals until he passed away then Snow Ball and Nepoleon were competing side by side. He died before the start of the rebellion. In the first paragraph it says that Old major was already going to die of old age and that is the reason of all confusion.