Russian Revolutionaries and Totalitarian

Nicholas II

Czar Nicholas was one of the most wealthiest rulers in history. Nicholas was the Czar or Russia. He was born in a wealthy family, so he hasn't experienced poverty like all the other citizens in Russia. Nicholas was blamed for the loss against Japan, witch made him be seen as a weak, not trusted, leader. Nicholas handling of Bloody Sunday, group of peasants marched to the capital to protest their displeasure with their living standers, and World War 1 incensed his subjects and led to his abdication.
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Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin, man of steel, took over Russia after Lenin. Stalin became a totalitarian ruler.

Wants to get rid of any and all opposition. People who oppose Stalin are sent away to Prison Camp. Famous for establishing satellite nations surrounding Russia witch lasted until 1990's

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Rasputin will put a spell on you. He was even thought to have an unhealthy influence in decisions and running the country. Was mostly known as a mystical healer who was close to the Czar and his wife .
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Leon Trotsky

Leon participated in the Russian Revolution, and believed in Lenin's goals. Leon was up against Stalin to see who will take Lenin's place after his death. Leon was persecuted by Stalin.
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Vladimir Lenin

Father of the Russian revelation. Fought to make Russia a communistic country. Leader or Bolshevik party. Wanted Leon to be the next leader of Bolshevik party.
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Benito Mussolini

Created the Fascist Party, following his fathers footsteps. Made himself a dictator and holding all power of Italy to him self. Was eventually killed by his own people.
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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a Dictator. Known for Hollow-cost. Helped with the start of WWII. Ruled over Germany during WWII. Later killed him self when war was over.
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Hideki Tojo

Was the General or the Japanese Army, and leader of the imperial Rule Assistance Association. Was the 40th prime minister or Japan during much of WWII.
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