Abraham Lincoln

A biography by Rickey

Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president
  • Abraham ended Slavery
  • Abraham was a republican

Abraham Past

  • Abraham Lived in a old cabin in Kentucky
  • Abraham was born on February 12, 1809
  • Abraham helped build his cabin when he was 7

Days as president

  • Abraham had almost now learning/schooling
  • Abraham got shot in the back of the head
  • Abraham was the northern half of the civil war
  • Abraham was married to marry Lincoln
  • There is a statue of him in front of the white house
  • Marry Lincoln Abraham Lincolns wife Made The American Flag

Did your person have a Negative or Positive effect on society?

Abraham had a positive effect on society he let all the slaves free

what effect did he have on the world?

He let all the slaves free so we can be together as one

What event shaped or changed this persons life?

The Civil War Helped all the slaves be free and make north america a free contre

What adjective would you use to describe him as


Why did you choose this person

i chose him because he started the Civil War and I wanted to know more about him

what makes this person so interesting

He started the Civil war and freed the slaves

What is something new or interesting to you

He made his own cabin when he was 7