Ernest Rutherford

By Tori Herbert

Rutherfords life...

He was born August 30th, 1871. His mother was Martha Thompson, they had 12 children together, seven boys and five girls, Rutherford was the fourth child. He married Mary Newton and they had a daughter named Eileen Rutherford. He started college at the University of New Zealand, Wellington on a scholarship.He was then awarded another scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge. He researched as a student at the cavendish Labratory under JJ Thomson. Then after he researched at The University of Manchester beginning his experiment.

His experiment

Ernest Rutherford experimented in 1910 trying to find where and atoms mass comes from. During his experiment he used whats called the Gold Foil Experiment. He researched and did his experiment at the University of Manchester. In the experiment he basically put gold foil in the middle of a sheet around it. He shot minute particles at the foil, some particles bounced back and some went through. The particles that went through, went right through the atom showing that nothing was there, it was just empty space. The particles that bounced back showed that they hit something. He realized that the mass of an atom was in the center. In 1919 with the help of Neils Bohr they both realized there was a nuclei in an atom.