6th Grade AIG Lion Team

October 10 - 14

Reading Class

Reading - This is our last week reading our novel, Peak by Ronald Smith. We did a new technique this week, a Socratic Seminar, which is where Mrs. Lemmon lead the group and asked us an open - ended question, which we discussed among ourselves, agreeing or disagreeing with one another. We are also learning about characterization this week. We watched Disney Short Films to understand the different types of characterization, indirect and direct.

Math Class

We finished up our unit on Dividing Fractions and GCF & LCM, with a unit test. This week, we started our new unit, integers, which deals with positive and negative numbers. We practiced with some IXL's, Tenmarks, and Discovery Education.

Science Class

In Mrs. Greene's Science class, we finished our Plant Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Units with our unit test on Tuesday. We also started our Ecosystems unit, with activities about Food Webs and Chains, Analyzing Ecosystems, and Comparing Ecosystems.

In Mrs. Boice's Science class, we are finishing up our cellular respiration and photosynthesis unit, by explaining how cellular respiration and respiration (breathing) are different, with a board builder in Discovery Education.


Our important announcements are. . .

School Store - Every Tuesday from 8:00 - 8:40 AM

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Important Dates to Remember. . .

No School - October 31 and November 1