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September 12, 2015

Freedom Week-September 14-18

This week in social studies, we will be celebrating Freedom Week. It is actually a Kansas law that every school in Kansas talk about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution (Constitution Day is on September 17th) and what it means to have freedom.

Noah's Bandage Drive All this Week!

Thank you so much for sending in boxes of colorful band-aids for such a special cause.

Mid-Term Reports Were Sent Home on Friday

Mid-term reports were put in mailboxes on Friday. If your child's did not make it home, grades are also posted on ParentVue. This part of the year is the most challenging for students and it is not uncommon for you to see some low scores. This is when I set my expectations and students are trying to figure those out as well. I grade fairly hard so students will push themselves to get where I want them to be. I have already seen an AMAZING improvement in their writing of constructed responses. The first week they were giving me one, very basic sentence, now I'm getting a page that cites evidence from the text.. Students are always allowed to go back and fix their assignments for a better grade. They are also allowed to retake tests and I will average the two scores.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I promise you that I will never let a child fail. Most low grades are due to missing work which I have also seen big improvements on.

Thank you for helping out with the Writer's Notebooks!

Thank you so much for sending in all the cool stuff for our Writer's Notebooks! They look fabulous! I can't wait for the students to put them to great use!
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Spelling Reminder

Spelling practice pages and the new list will be sent home on Fridays. There will be time during Daily 3/Guided Reading time for students to work on their spelling. I suggest they keep it in their take home folder so they can either work on it at home or pull it out here at school. Several students are still not turning in those practice pages on Thursday. This is an easy way to keep that spelling grade up. Post tests are always on Thursday and pretests are on Friday.

Spelling City-

All of our lists are uploaded to this site for great practice!

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, September 14-Book Orders Due

Friday, September 25-Professional Development Day-No School for Students

WOW Word-Curmudgeon (a bad-tempered or grumpy person)

Math Wings Fliers Going Home this Week

If your child loves to solve challenging math problems and would like to complete against other Olathe Schoools, Math Wings is the place! Math Wings will meet after school on Tuesdays from 3:40-4:30. Competitions are also on Tuesday, but will end at a later time.

Coming Up This Week...

Social Studies-Freedom Week/Native Americans-Plains & Pacific Northwest

Math-Students will be starting Topic 3- Mrs. Hitchcock was so impressed with the Topic 2 test scores!

Reading-We are finally ready to start A Package for Mrs. Jewels in our Journeys books. This first story is a difficult one and the test can be challenging for some. Right of the bat they throw irony at them and omniscient point of view. We will really be focusing on "Getting the Gist". This means that the student can grasp the basic meaning of the story.

Skill and Strategy Focus


Story-A Package for Mrs. Jewels.

Target Skills- point of view, irony, summarizing, context clues, and story structure, getting the gist.

The assessment over this story may be on Friday if we are ready.












Writing-Last week we took a few days to work on transition words (Using words such as suddenly, first, finally, etc.). This helps our writing connect and flow for our readers.

We are now ready to move onto our point of view fairy tales.

Star of the Week

Every week we will be having a "Star of the Week". During this special week, one student will get to do something special each day (at the end of the day). On the Friday before, your child will bring home a note (I will also e-mail you with a heads up.) explaining the details and a poster for them to fill up and decorate. Here is the 411 on Star of the Week...

Monday-Share 6-8 pictures of family, friends, pets, etc. (you can even e-mail them to me)

Tuesday-Share their poster

Wednesday-Hot Seat (Classmates get to ask "Getting to know you" types of questions.

Thursday-Compliment book-Classmates will make a compliment book for your child to take home.

If there is something special or someone special that your child would like to share that week, just let me know and we can set something up. :)

Way to Go Falcons!

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Have a great week!