Certification Tips

Things to Consider Prior to HRS Certification Visits

Certification Protocol

While not required as part of the High Reliability program at Region 9, certification is a great way to recognize the hard work your campus has done in regards to Level 1, 2 or 3. We do have a process here at Region 9 to ensure that schools are ready for certification and so that we can get those scheduled in an orderly fashion.

First, we do have an application. Essentially, this documents lets us know that you and your team are aware of what needs to be done and have begun the work of collecting lagging indicators for that level. This application can be found on our website or click the link below.

Marzano Resources has moved to a digital version of certification, meaning you will collect your lagging indicators through the Moodle platform. Our next deadline to open a Moodle account is January 15. This account is open for one year.

The R9 HRS Team is happy to help you discuss data and evidence or to go through what you have collected so far. It's a great way to help your staff feel comfortable with the process as well as catch any gaps in evidence.

Evidence Collection

Some things to remember about collecting evidence:

  • Begin with your survey data. If an area was strong, show sustainability and monitoring through quick data. If an area was weak, show action steps taken to address it.
  • Create an organized system of evidence collection, whether a binder or digitally. Keep in mind that all evidence will be submitted digitally via Moodle. You can link to a folder (such as a Google Drive or folder) in that process.
  • Think quality over quantity. What does your school do really well in each indicator.
  • Consider creating a table of contents that helps tell your school's story. Linking evidence to this helps the certifier understand why you have included the things you have.