Clinical Supervision Module

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Stutt's classroom

Ms. Stutt


Problem Solving

Students came in from break

Working on question #4

What is the question asking? Stu – find the total.

Devon gives answer

# is going to be bigger or smaller

share a strategy – make a # line; drew a picture; mulitpication – used get – teacher redirects cause several are answering --stu explains how she got “get”

another reason for get – divide and multiple.

Teachers says there are several ways to get the answer.

What is the answer called – product – stu answers. Teacher puts problem on board tricks stu – puts big number on top

Cris cross apple sauce

Lets double check ourselves teacher guides stu thru

Talk to your neigbors –

Student explains how she used timeline

Teacher redoes it on the board – 2 hrs and 20 mins –answer is 140 minutes.

Teacher compliments students

Next problem – read it together as a class. – then talk in your groups how you will solve this.

I walked around – groups said that they need to subtract

Word problem was about an AR book w/ 500 pages. Teacher using real world experience. Stu work with groups and get answer. Teacher goes over the problem – Is the answer bigger or smaller? What is the answer called when you subtract? Difference.

Student explains how he gets the answer.

Could he finish the book this week – teacher ask question.

What makes this problem tricky – 2 0’s on top.

Stations –

Micheal’s group see me; Tristan’s group ….

Juan’s group - …..

Big group – teacher explains – shows example what she is looking for

What is duplicate? Or you can do it this way – teacher shows another example

Make sure you label this – least to greatest.

Students know what they are to do – they have done this before – students moved to stations smoothly

Station 1 – putting #’’s on paper – least to greatest

Station 2 problem solving – bar graph – stu work together

Station 3 ipads

Station 4 area and perimeter – teacher stays here and works this group.

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