Reasons for the Growth of Slavery

Kp 2 Number 4

Types of Slavery in the Americas

Where Slavery was in America

Division of North and South

Through out the years america has grew so did the demand of slavery, but not all parts of america fully accepted slavery especially the northern states where slaves were to be free. However the people in the south began to rely economically on the slaves that produced and harvested all of their crops. The government also began dividing states based on north and south to allow slavery or not like in the Missouri compromise.

Growth of Slavery in the South

During the industrial revolution in america the north required lots of raw materials such as cotton to produced products from their factorys. The large demand required more slaves to be brought in or produced by the south to keep up with the demand of the north. When they brought in more slaves they also had more money to get more land to farm furthering a endless cycle of investing money in slaves to make more back. The slaves who revolted in the south (Bacon's rebellion) further increased the bad conditions that slaves had and the disconnect between the owners and what they call "property."

Laws and Ruelings Benefiting Slavery