Nursing (Home health care nurse)

Tranasia Wilkins

Nature Of Work / Work Enviorment

Nature Of Work?

Record patients medical histories and symptoms, Set up plans for patients care and contribute to existing plans,Explain what to do at home after treatment,operate and monitor medical equipment.Sometimes a full day can be very stressful

Work Environment?

Hospitals; states local and private

Nursing and residential care facilities

Offices of physicians

They are mostly standing,bending, or stretching & they have vulnerable back in injuries

Schedule- Nursing care facilities work around the clock care

Be social with the elderly!

Training Required/ Earnings

Some take anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, and other social behavior science

Licensed graduates have three types of education programs- Bachelors, associates or diploma


Home health care nurses get paid 63,810 a year

Important Qualities/ Job Outlook

Important Qualities

Communication skill,Critical thinking skills, compassion, detail oriented,emotional skills, organizational skill,physical stamina

Job outlook?

Growth also is expected to be faster than average in outpatient care centers, where patients do not stay overnight, such as those which provide same-day chemotherapy, rehabilitation, and surgery. The number of individuals who have access to health insurance is expected to continue to increase because of federal health insurance reform.

Related Occupations

Dental Hygienists, EMTs and paramedics, & social workers