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We are hoping that our third edition finds you and your family well. Read on for updated news, new videos, and exciting challenges.

In this edition:

  • Soccer themed activities for those rainy days
  • A chance to give a shout-out to your team/ teammates
  • Week three skills for the BSC Skills World Cup
  • This week's club poll - Who is your favorite EPL soccer team?
  • Family Resources
  • and more!

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For Our Athletes



  • This is also called trapping or first touch.
  • Receiving the ball is an extremely important set of skills to develop. These are the skills associated with controlling the ball when you are receiving a pass from your teammate or intercepting a pass made by an opponent.
  • Players use different parts of their bodies to receive the ball
    • Feet
    • Thigh
    • Chest
    • Head
  • Controlling the ball can mean a couple of things
    • Keeping the ball close to you when you take your first touch
    • Preparing for what you are going to do after you receive the ball – dribble, make a pass, take a shot.
  • Practice receiving the ball with different parts of your body, focusing on keeping it as close as possible.
  • You can work with a partner, a rebounder or find a wall you can use or throw the ball up in the air to yourself.

Throw In

  • Throw ins are used to restart play when the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines. Teams can use throw ins to their advantage when they have players that can throw the ball accurately or a long distance.
  • There are a few rules that must be followed to have a proper throw in.
    • Two hands on the ball.
    • Throw must come from behind your head and you need to follow through.
    • Both feet must be touching the ground on or behind the sideline.
  • You can practice your accuracy by finding a target (partner, wall, tree …) and trying to hit it from different distances. You can also work on throwing the ball as far as you can, making sure to follow all the rules.
Some athlete designed soccer balls...

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Parade pic

The Girls U12 Orange Team hosted a birthday parade for teammate, Brie!

For Parents / Families

And the results are in...
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Don't forget to vote below for your favorite English Premiere League team!

U.S. Soccer "Bend the Curve-Stay at Home"

Saturday, April 25

U.S. Open Cup Classics:

Watch another famous match from U.S. Soccer's National Club Championship at 8 p.m. ET. on ussoccer.com, Facebook and YouTube. A special pregame show will lead into the game at 7:30 p.m.

Club Updates as of 5.1.20

Once we hear news from CDYSL we will update you on the status of the Spring season. Stay tuned for a club survey regarding future programming and events. Offerings will be in line with guidance and regulations put forth by the league and the government.


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