Biomass for electricity generation

BY: Danadia, Cameron, Katherine, Anthony


  • Land utilization can be considerable can lead to deforestation
  • requires water to grow
  • not totally clean when burned
  • overall process can be expensive
  • not easily scalable


  • Very expensive
  • In some areas we find biomass projects may no be worth the price therefore they're never finished
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  • Biomass is burned, producing heat that is used to create steam to turn turbines into electricity
  • waste-to-energy power plants burn trash to produce electricity
  • they generate enough electricity to supply 1.3 million u.s homes
  • we use biomass in our everyday life
  • cars you use ethanol to start your engine everyday, which is a bio fuel
  • corn, ethanol production right now often relies on using corn on the biomass for producing fuels