Vajont Dam Tsunami

October 9, 1963

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Event Information

The Vajont Dam is found on the Eurasian Plate(Coordinates 46°16′02″N 12°19′44″E) in Erto E Casso, Italy. A giant 260,000,000 cubic meter landslide caused a tsunami to be created in the lake and it's wave went right over the dam into the valley below causing several destroyed villages and 2,000 deaths. This would be caused by the Convergent Boundary.

Eruption History

The Vajont Dam was made October 15, 1943. On November 4, 1960, the water level in the reservoir was about 190 meters high and created a landslide of about 800,000 cubic meters fall into the river showing the earlier signs of what was coming in the next few years. SADE stopped the filling(Società Adriatica di Elettricità, English: Adriatic Energy Corporation), lowered the water level by about 50 meters.

After the Tsunami

Most of the survivors were moved into a newly built village. A pumping station was installed in the dam basin to keep the lake at a constant level. It is now a tourist site for people who are interested. It was also made into a docudrama in 2001 called Vajont - La diga del disonore or in english, Vajont—The Dam of Dishonour.