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Ms. Anderson's Math Class 2015-16

Unit Seven: Data, Order of Operations & Mathematical Notation using Powers of Ten

This unit has seemed like a big mixture of many concepts, but the goal has been to investigate pre-algebra concepts and skills. Students learned and practiced several kinds of notation including exponents, scientific notation and number-and-word notation. We made connections between word/story problems and numeric expressions that could be used to solve these problems using order of operations. We also looked at collecting data and organizing it on line plots and line graphs; then discussed the landmarks such as mean, median and mode.

Unit Seven Math Test Wednesday, February 10

The students will be given a review of unit seven to complete as homework on Monday. We will discuss their work in class Tuesday and then they will have another night to practice before the test on Wednesday.

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Practice at Home

We have used the above online resource some in class, but I definitely think this is one for home as well. I have made a folder called Unit Seven Concepts to Review. There are online lessons and then a quiz to complete for each concept. Each child has been assigned this folder and it's as easy as going to the website; then your child uses the same login information they need for a computer at school and their lunch ID#, which they should know.