World at war

By: Angela Komlov

"M.A.I.N." causes

M - countries are competing in a "best" and "biggest" competition on the subject of strengthening their armies - our resent delevopment of Industrialization has brought strong weapons to the hands of our armies

A- Eurpoean countries making mutual defense agreements which means that if countries are a liked they can't attack each other but have to protect each other - in this case the Allied Powers (us) and the Cdntral Powers (the enemy)

I-imperialism - when empires were more wealthy than others and seeked to build a vast empire - this was France and Britian during the Imperialistic time period

N-nationalism - a "nation" is a group of people who shared a common language, religion, history, and tradition.- so it would be the unifications of Italy and Germany

The Spark That lit the match

The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Dutchess angered the people of Austria-Hungaria. This rage was taken out on Serbia because a Serbian was the one behind the gun. The wire of patients was strung to tight and snapped which resulted in this war presently destroying lives. Now the two children of the Duke and Dutchess are left as orphans to take over the family legacy.

Let's tie the knot

The tension from the 4 "M.A.I.N." causes and the feud from the assassination created a very large amount of anger through out the alliances. When Austria-Hungria declared war on Serbia a chain of attacks began and the alliances began to attack each other to protect one and other. Now we're at the brink of a world of war. But the true question is how bad will the feud get ?!

Other thoughts

"The tension of M.A.I.N. and the "spark" tipped the dominos which will resulted in a chain of horrific events. The worst is yet to come. We must prepare for the worst. Hope and courage will be our strength. We can only fear of what shall come for our dear and brave soldier, we can only wait."

~Betsy Smith of Smith's Tayloring

"Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people"

-as said by the legendary war general and incredibly awsome leader Littlejohn

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