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Advancing age, especially in women ( after menopause or over the age of 45 ) are faced with osteoporosis . Almost inevitable in this situation ( should be highlighted ) the measures to be taken , especially from childhood to some changes Bil Mandalay extremely reduced bone resorption and protects against unwanted breaks in the bone . That is in your hands to prevent osteoporosis . Bone resorption is an essential precondition to the regular doctor's supervision . The problem with the scientific name of osteoporosis , a common disease of the skeletal system . Persistently neglected in individuals with hand and foot bones, weight loss , such as the bones of the coccyx bones breaks starting Blinding calcium form the basic building substance . Development from the age , the calcium-rich foods on a regular basis can reduce the risk of osteoporosis .

So , what is osteoporosis ?

A health problem that concerns not only women with osteoporosis . However, breastfeeding women , with a mass less than men due to pregnancy and calcium intake need more . Similarly, advancing age in both sexes , there is too much calcium needs . Especially in this period will be more than the loss of calcium , inadequate calcium intake is a problem . For the body , food , if not enough calcium in the body, calcium is the major source of calcium in the bones begin to use it . This causes the bones to melt .

How can we prevent osteoporosis ?

Calcium- rich feeding can prevent bone melting .

It is also rich in calcium are:

Molasses ( or yogurt with təyinli consumption) .100 grams bəkməzdə has 400 mg of calcium . One of the richest sources of calcium .

Milk , yogurt , cheese , ice cream , 1 cup of low-fat milk, 245 mg , 100 gr. yogurt has 350 mg of calcium .

Spinach , chard , broccoli , Broccoli , especially if the green carpal and vitamins ( A , E , C) and minerals ( Ca , Fe , Se , Cu , K ) reservoir. You can use it in salads . Both osteoporosis and breast , lung , colon and stomach cancer vegetable enemy . In addition to the cardiovascular problems seen in people who consumed broccoli .
Legumes and seafood .


Apricot (calcium and magnesium reservoir )



dried apricots

Grape seeds ( cores )


In addition, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes do not use a sufficient amount of vitamin D intake and protein intake should pay attention to extrinsic attention .

Other measures for osteoporosis .

Not only in the fight against osteoporosis, calcium intake further measures should be taken with a Fayina . As an example, magnesium and vitamin C should be taken in qəbulunada . Selected salt -poor diet , foods high in fiber intakes , treatment success will be achieved .

Dried egg shell against osteoporosis .

TərkiblidirYumurta crust of calcium in the treatment of shell structure , in order to take advantage of calcium tab oracular Dayna blender to make it sterile or həvəngdəstədə shells pounded to powder one teaspoon every morning gətirilirToz shells brought into the possibility of taking up editorialize be useful both in terms of the useful vitamin C -rich fruit juice drink with . It does not suit you , egg shell powder drink mix fruit juice or milk .