The play A Christmas Carol

Ana Stromberg

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a play that has much movement, excitement and is very interesting. The play was very intriguing with all the movement going on. For example the way that Marley made an appearance with the secret openings and chains. In addition the play had new characters that the book didn't have. For instance Mary weather, Scrooges maid, was in the play and turned up a lot and has not mentioned in the book. Finally I thought that the play was interesting with the main character, Scrooge,. For example just by going with the ghosts from Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future he had a different perspective on life and how treat others with the same respect they treat him with.

Sacrificed made

In the play A Christmas Carol, Scrooge had to sacrifice his money for the poor. Like Scrooge I had to sacrifice things to. For example I sacrificed going to the mall to help with a church event.