Dawn's Place Fall 2015 Newsletter

October 2015

Human Trafficking Legislative Update

Pending Legislation in the State of Pennsylvania

Senate Bill 851

Prime sponsor: Senator Greenleaf

Other participating sponsors: Senators Leach, Dinniman, Teplitz, Fontana, Pileggi, Tartaglione, Costa, Rafferty, Schwank, Yudichak, and Aument

Known as the Pennsylvania Safe Harbor Bill. This bill intends to decriminalize child sex trafficking victims. This bill proposes amendments to Pennsylvania's human trafficking statute, Act 105.

The proposed legislation basics:

  • Protects, rather than prosecutes child victims of sexual exploitation
  • Imposes a duty on child services agencies to establish adiquate victim services for these children
  • Requires police training to identify child victims of sexual exploitation
  • Establishes a fund to provide optional services for child victims of sexual exploitation