Farming Kills

Palm to Destruction

Palm oil is an oil that can be found in Palm trees, these trees are often found in Indonesia and Malaysia (85% of palm oil comes from here), this oil is farmed and shipped off around the world to be used in products like Milky-ways, sounds simple right farm ship create? But it comes with a cost as hundreds of orangutang's die each year due to the farming of Palm trees.

This Farming can be stopped for good or fixed with the help of your donations Toward's Our Fundraiser!

The Palm oil fundraiser we are trying to achieve here is attract a group of people to an area where food and a day of fun is provided for 5 dollars this includes a meal of sausages/ pies, pizzas and meals that cater for intolerance's here we will have rides and other activities for the whole family where every ride is $4-$8 and all donations go to our Dont palm us off campaign!

This event will be held on Sunday the 5th of December - The 8th of December! (1-10:30

This event will have Rides, Activities, Food and much more tell your friends and every cent goes to our Dont Palm Us Off Campaign! This Event will be held at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun for the whole family


Of course this is all for the Orang-utan's and all money spent on the day will go to our campaign we thank you for joining us in this epic battle to save a truely beautiful species we need all the support we can get!!