Friday Wrap-up

Friday Message

  • School is closed today.
  • The spelling test and the binders are due on Monday.
  • If school is closed on Monday the spelling test and the binders are due on Tuesday.
  • In the future, if your child is sick or absent on Friday, he/she can make up the spelling test.
  • The weekly tracker-in the homework binder- will be adjusted so that the students have less assignments for next week -since the new material on the homework binder is accessed after this Friday.
  • The open house that was scheduled for this Saturday has been postponded to January 30th. Hence, you still have the opportunity to register your child early for next year and get a discount on the admission fee ( $150 off).

First Grade Moving Up Experience

The students had nice time combing three concepts/ skills together ( money value, shapes, and making a snow flake). For more information about first grade and Ms. Oh, our first grade teacher, please refer to the flyer below this flyer in my email.

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

  • Spelling revision
  • Fairy Tales ( story Elements)


  • Numbers 1-100
  • Skip counting by 2s
  • Subtraction


  • The students were introduced to food groups


As we reviewed the concept of subtraction, a few students got the chance to be "the teacher" and explained a few subtraction equations.
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Discussing Fairy Tales

The students listened carefully and detected main ideas and details in a few fairy tales that were read to them ( Thumbelina, The Golden Goose, The Little Red Hen , Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor's New Clothes).

They were paired up to discuss the fairy tales story elements ( characters, setting, problem, solution).

Reading Buddies

The met with their reading buddies from fourth grade to brainstorm and create a story using the iPads.


Monday, January 25th

  • Team Sports Day.
  • Please dress your child in a sports shirt/jersey/sweater

Tuesday, January 26th

  • Career Day
  • Dress your child in a career apparel

Wednesday, January 27th

  • Western day
  • Dress your child in western apparel/hat

Thursday, January 28th

  • PJ Day

Friday, January 29th

  • Spirit /Day
  • Dress your child in the Spirit shirt

Dressing up for the Spirit Week:

    • You do not need to buy clothes/ costumes for these themes. You can be creative and make with your child items from construction paper or any kind of arts and crafts material and stick on his/her shirt. For example, on career day, if your child wants to be a construction worker, you can print pictures of construction tools and stick them on your child's shirt with tape.

Parent Volunteers:

Parent Volunteers are needed for the following days:

  • Career Day: If you have the time and are interested in coming to our class to talk about your job, it would make the kids so happy. Please let me know if are interested.
  • ​Spirit Day:
    • ​I need a parent volunteer to come in the afternoon to help me put cheetah make-up on the kids faces.

Happy Birthday Cassidy

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Giant Field Trip

Since our project for the third quarter is about nutrition, our field trip to the Giant introduced the students to food groups. The lady who guided the tour gave a detailed information about each department in the supermarket.