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An expert in architectural and construction fields has skills in CAD, drafting, and planning. Can write detailed, easy to read instructions for plans and hire correct professionals for each activity. Knows how to get permits approved, how to purchase materials and can work independently. Has a great amount of professional communication skills with clients and workers, as well as the ability to manage a vast amount of people in a crowded or dangerous environment. Able to handle important paperwork and be responsible with large amounts of money. Has to have at least 5 years of individual experience (not including past internships). Understands the common building structure and how it works, construction terms, tools and basic carpentry. Can see potential and create a creative solution when needed. Can accomplish many goals at a time. Is aware of their surrounding and can solve or prevent crucial problems. Exceptional in mathematics and understanding in computer. Expert needs to obtain a Bachelor’s at the least. Yearly pay ranges from $82K-$120K based on experience and quality of work. Finally, has the determination and commitment to enhance our business.


Sr On-site Architect and Construction Manager

Applicant must obtain a Bachelor degree at minimum
At least 5 years professional design expertise and premium experience in Architecture and Project Management

The candidate will be engaged in the development process and contribute to the quality of the work and the collaborative nature of the office and project team.

Personality Characteristics

A Day in the Life: Construction Project Management