1st Quarter Report Card Pick-Up

Sophia Zhang

Greatest Accomplishment

Do you know what my greatest accomplishment was? Fear Fest! We learned all about the 6 traits and editing and fixing things as we went through October, even at the last minute. It was very, very, very, very, very fun, but very, very,very, very, very hard. We worked on it since the beginning of October( October 3rd). Since we knew what was going to happen, I couldn't wait to see their faces at some parts. It also felt nice and relieved when the audience laughed at our parts because it felt like they were really enjoying the performance.

Greatest Challenge

The Greatest Challenge I came across was probably the same as my Greatest accomplishment..............FEAR FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard coming up with ideas and changing them as we went along. It was fun ( as I mentioned before), but very hard. If you were watching the plays, you would have thunk that we hadn't practice at all and the reason is... We practiced it so much! We practiced it until we memorized the lines by heart and also we remembering to use voice. It was a great feeling when they clapped and laughed, because it felt like all the work was worth it.

Goal For 2nd Quarter

My Goals For Next Quarter

  • Learn more things
  • Understand more about a lot if different things
  • Get decent grades in all subject

Look at fear fest pictures