Welcome Back

To the 2020-2021 School Year

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students:

It feels really good to say this: Welcome Back!

When you left, we thought it might be a short break - Maybe two weeks at best. But here we are, almost six months later, and we are finally able to get students back into the building. As you might imagine there is a lot of information that goes with the most unique reopening we have ever had. We have been fine tuning every detail so as to get you the most accurate information we could that is specific for Spring Mills High School. The information will differ for students who are "Brick" and students who "Click" so we will have separate sub-sections for both.

Brick Students

Facial Covering - All students must have on a facial covering when entering the building. This facial covering must be over the mouth and nose and will be kept on for the duration of the day unless they are eating breakfast or lunch. Failure to comply with this directive will result in your student being placed on a Click schedule indefinitely.

Staggered Start - With the staggered start, we are bringing kids in by letters of the alphabet that correspond with their last name:

  • September 8th, 11th, 16th : A through F
  • September 9th, 14th, 17th: G through N
  • September 10th, 15th, 18th: O through Z

Morning Drop-off Procedures - Students will not be permitted into the building earlier than their assigned time. They will have to adhere to the one-way traffic patterns in the hallway once they enter the building:

  • Bus drop-off will begin at 7:35
  • Student Walkers/Parent drop-off will begin at 7:40 (Enter at the front of building)
  • Student drivers may enter at 7:50 (Enter at the PE/Health hallway)

Afternoon Pick-up Procedures - We will be dismissing in waves this year to try and keep students physically distanced during pick-up times. We will begin dismissal at 1:15 and the waves are as follows:

  • Bus Wave #1 w/Parent Pick-up, Student Drivers and Student Walkers (1:15)
  • Bus Wave #2 (1:19)
  • Bus Wave #3 (1:23)
  • Bus Wave #4 (1:27)

Breakfast and Lunches - All students who want to eat a meal may do so for free until December 31, 2020. We will have QR Codes that students will scan once they enter the building to order their meals. If a student does not want a meal, they do not need to use the QR Code to order one.

Schoology - If you do not know your Schoology login information, please contact one of your child's teachers. Their emails are all on the Spring Mills High School website.

Chromebooks - All brick students will be issued a Chromebook. They will be required to bring those back and forth to school each day. Please try to remind your student to charge their Chromebook each night.


Water - Water fountains in the building will be shut off. We will be providing bottled water to students on an as needed basis at no charge. Students may bring their own to drink throughout the day but they may not share with others.

Click Students

Click students will be required to login and complete a bell-ringer three times throughout the week as this is how we will be taking attendance. These bell-ringers will also count for a grade as well.

First Two Weeks - Click students should log into Schoology on the same days as the Brick students that correspond to their last name:

  • September 8th, 11th, 16th : A through F
  • September 9th, 14th, 17th: G through N
  • September 10th, 15th, 18th: O through Z

Students will complete the bell-ringers and digital citizenship lessons teachers have posted for them. This may include a Schoology Quiz, Discussion Board Post, or even an assignment where they have to message their teacher introducing themselves. We believe strongly that we need to establish relationships with these students and the first two weeks will be largely dedicated to that.

Devices - Information on devices for Click students who have not picked them up will be sent out by Mrs. Stegall next week.

Grading - The rules the WVDE put out for the spring semester regarding remote learning will not be in effect for the 2020-2021 school year. Click students will be graded the same as the Brick students and will be expected to complete assignments. We have placed a hard cap on assignments for each week:

  • Three Bell-Ringers (Will be combined for one grade)
  • Discussion board post
  • Two other assignments

Students should expect at least two but no more than four assignments in a given week.

Communication - Lines of communication will be important for click students and that sentiment goes for the teachers as well. If there is an issue or a concern, please send a Schoology message to the teacher briefly explaining the problem. They will be your first point of contact with any issues regarding a Click class. Teachers will reply in a timely manner unless it is a weekend. In that case, you should hear back on Monday.

We understand there will be growing pains with the Click format. We have asked our teachers to be patient with students. We are asking parents and students to be patient with teachers. We are committed to providing your student with the best experience we can give them through this process. If we work together, we can make sure that happens.

WVDE Color Coded Map

Here is the link for the WVDE's Color Coded Map - It is updated every Saturday night at 9:00.


This map will be used to determine if we would be required to go to an all-remote format for a given week. In the event that happens, both BCS and Spring Mills High School will put out guidance for your student

Thank You

Finally, I want to thank our staff, parents, students, and community for the support in Cardinal Country over the last six months. This has not been easy on anyone and we will continue to work through the challenges of educating students during a global pandemic. There will peaks and valleys but we are committed to the success of our students and we are thrilled to welcome them back, no matter if they are Brick or Click.

I said in March that all red lights eventually turn green. We may not be ready to hit the highway, but it will feel good to get back on the road with these kids. I hope you will join us in making this school year a success and continuing to grow Spring Mills into the best high school in West Virginia.

Enjoy your weekend - We will see you on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Be well, always and Go Cardinals!

Mr. Kamlowsky