About Bhopal:

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Being the Capital city Government jobs is also part of Bhopal. The climate in Bhopal is moderate with summers being hot and winters being cold but not too extreme. But the climate remains pleasant throughout the year.

Education in Bhopal:

Bhopal with its multi stream educational facilities will attract the students not only from India but also from all over the country, from engineering to Medical and Electronics to Arts. Bhopal colleges offer degrees in wide range of subjects.

Why MBA?

Here are some common reasons why people decide to join the master of business administration program

1. Higher Salary

2. Switching Careers

3. Starting a New Business

4. In order to climb the cooperate ladder

Specialization in MBA:

There are different specializations offered in MBA in Various B-Schools, Institutes and Colleges.

Below are few specializations courses:


Information technology




Airport Management

Hospital Administration and Health Care Management

International Business

Types of MBA:

The type of MBA program differs according to the number of years taken to complete it and the mode by which it is taught. MBA programs can be of different types:

The Two Years (Full Time) MBA: Most of the programs offered in India fall under this category. The IIMs and the other autonomous business schools offer a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) or Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) which in India are equivalent to an MBA Degree. The syllabus of PGDM/PGPM and MBA degrees are more or less the same. MBA is a bit theory orientated and PGDM/PGPM is industry orientated with case studies and techniques to improve soft skills.

Part-time MBA: This is the best option for working professionals classes are held on weekends or on weekdays after working hours. This usually takes 3 years or more.

Distance Learning: These programs can be offered in a number of ways, correspondence courses by postal mail or email, non-interactive broadcast video, pre-recorded video, live teleconference or video conference, offline or online computer courses. Universities like IGNOU, Annamalai, Symbiosis etc. are well-known for their Distance Learning programs.

Dual MBA: Programs where an MBA degree is combined with others like MS or MA etc. This is economically viable for students and helps their tailor their study programs according to their needs.

Fee Structure of MBA course:

The fee structure for the course in different institutions will vary according to the type of institution. It will vary depending on the quality and reputation of the institutions. In India there are more than 16, 000 business schools which have their own fee structure. The fee for MBA inside the country ranges from Rs.2 lakhs to around Rs.13 lakhs. Thus there exists a large variation in the fee structure for the MBA course.

The fee structure is different from institutions to institution. It’s depending upon the quality and reputation of the institution. In India MBA course fees structure will be approximately 1, 00,000 to 8,00,000 per Year .

If you get admission in reputed institution like, Indian Institute of Management, Faculty of Management Studies , Loyola institute of management etc.. The fess structure will be high approximately 5, 00,000 to 15 ,00, 000 Per Year .

Career Opportunities:

Following are some of the job options for MBAs in IT companies:

1. Business Analyst: You act as an Interface between the customer and the delivery team. You are expected understand the business processes and the exact customer requirements and document them properly in a format that the delivery team (developers) understands. Experienced BAs become good IT Consultants.

2. Pre-Sales: Here you do things like responding to the sales related task and preparing client-specific presentations. Similar profile is that of a Business Development Manager.

3. ERP Consultant: You are responsible for understanding the business processes of your customers and implementing packaged ERP software (like SAP) after making the necessary customizations.

4. Project Manager: Project Managers are involved in a project right from the stage of requirements gathering. They are required to do Planning, Estimation, Resource (People, Hardware, Software etc.) and time management. Tools like MS Project are heavily used by PMs.

5. HR Manager: Not much work Kidding Responsible for Recruitment, Appraisal, Employee retention, Career planning, Trainings etc.

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