Shakespeare - Macbeth

Macbeth's tragic flaws. 10/15/2015

Macbeth is flawed hero and his flaws are what lead him to his downfall. He was so ambitious to become king that he didn't even stop to think rationally about his actions , he just continued to kill who ever posed a threat to him ruling England.Also he was very gullible and believed everything he was told and was blinded by greed .He may be a hero but hes' definitely is a follower . He was emotionally manipulated by his wife Lady Macbeth to kill Duncan .

Dystopian Societies and their heroes.

Dystopian societies are shown a lot in works of literature . The main character is an antihero or person that recognizes that there is something wrong with the society and the way the government / authority is acting. A great example would be Fahrenheit 451 in which the government tries to get rid of all books because books consist of ideas that lead the people to think for themselves, which eventually leads to rebellion. Knowledge truly is power. The main character Guy Montag is a firefighter but his job is to burn all books (symbol for getting rid of knowledge and individuality) but instead he hides them all in his basement. All of society revolves around entertainment and not thinking for yourself.The monster is the authority and the only way Montag fought back was by rebelling and keeping some books, This book is set in the future and its kind of scary because many things shown in the book are a sad reality today.