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We Are Colts!

Our Mission: With respect for individuality, race, diversity, and culture, the Covington community will develop citizens of character and engage in high levels of learning to ensure all students thrive in college, career, and life within a multicultural society.

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Hey Future Colts!!

We are so excited to help you get signed up for classes for next year at Covington! If you watch this video, it'll explain the classes that you'll be picking next year, along with descriptions. Here are more descriptions if you would like to look them over before choosing.

We will be meeting with you during class time to explain our classes and show you how to request classes. Please invite the grown-ups in your home to join us! It's important to talk about the classes that you want to take in 6th grade with your families. When you are ready, here is the link to our choice sheet.

Our website also has some general information on what we offer at Covington. Here's also a newsletter explaining more about the transition.

You will still have a chance to switch your classes if you change your mind. We will send an email to your parents with a list of the classes that you chose in March. At that time, you'll be able to request any changes, so no worries if you change your mind!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Mr. Haenisch. He will be your Covington counselor. His email is

We are here to help!!

6th Grade Transition Important Dates & Zoom Links

Important Dates to Remember

Parent Information Meetings:

Wednesday, January 20th, 6:00 pm

Thursday, January 21st, 8:30 am

Thursday, January 21st, 10:00 am SPANISH

Middle School counselors help students complete Choice Sheets

January 25-29 (date/time depend on campus)

Fine Arts Academy applications Due

February 5th

FAA Applicants will be notified if they have qualified for an audition

February 12th

Choice Sheets Due

February 19th

FAA Auditions/Interviews at via Zoom 9am-3pm

February 20th

We are a Fine Arts Academy!

Creative learning is an integral part of the educational process that stimulates our students’ intellect and peaks their curiosity, creativity and imaginations.

Our Covington Fine Arts staff is pleased to work with students from all across the Austin area intent on pursuing an education focused on fine arts.

Find the application here!

Special Programs on our Campus

What's a Choice Sheet?

Choice sheets are how you select classes in Middle School.

Every student takes 8 classes. Here's a breakdown of those classes:

4 Core classes (Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts)

1 PE credit (You can choose dance or PE)

1 Technology class (Graphic design, Keyboarding or Robotics)

1 Music class (Choir, Band, Orchestra or Guitar)

1 other elective (Exploratory Languages, Green Tech, Art/Theatre, AVID)

Important: if you are in Dual Language, Reading Elective, Double block math or Take Flight, you will have one less elective.


Student Support

We offer special programs and supports on campus.


Vida Clinic

High School Credit Courses

When you are in Middle School, you are able to earn credits towards High School! Here's what we offer in 7th & 8th grades.


-Spanish I



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play football?

A: Kids can join sports teams in 7th grade. We have football, tennis, track, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, volleyball.

Q: What is double block math?

A: Kids who struggle in math and don't pass the Math STAAR can be enrolled in double block math. Instead of taking math on A or B days, you take it every day.

Q: What clubs are there?

A: After school clubs are different every year. In the past we have had: Lego Club, Anime Club, Make Up Club, UT did a STEM club. And many different ones. If you're interested in something, find a teacher that you're close to- maybe they'll sponsor your club.

Q: How long are classes? What's the schedule like?

A: Right now we operate on an A/B schedule. Unless you're in double block math you won't have the same classes every day. Classes are about an hour and a half every day.

Monday (A Day) Periods 1-4

Tuesday (B Day) Periods 5-8

Wednesday (A Day) Periods 1-4

Thursday (B Day) Periods 5-8

Friday Alternates between A & B days

Q: Will I get a locker?

A: So this year kids do not have lockers, but that is only because of Covid. In a "normal" school year, yes you do have lockers. You are assigned them and you can go to them in the beginning of the morning, before and after lunch and then again at the end of the day.

Q: What electives are there?

A: Take a look at the choice sheet, there are your options. In 6th grade it is expected that everyone take a music class and a technology class.

Q: Is there homework?

A: Homework depends on the teacher. Some classes have a lot, some have less. There is tutoring before and after school if you need it.

Q: What are Advanced classes?

A: In every core class, there is an option to take an Advanced class (it used to be called PreAP). The classes still teach 6th grade content, but at a faster pace and with more in depth questioning and rigor.

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